Recreational activities

Recreational activities. The Mapuche Tourism Network offers you joy and pure adrenaline, as well as introspection, education and connection with nature from the Mapuche culture, in terms of its norms and internal protocol. These are strongly related to the history of struggle and natural disasters, which have shaped and determined what the Mapuche culture is nowadays. Some notable recreational activities are: horse riding, hiking, wampo trips (Mapuche water transport), boat trips, kayak, visits to museums, workshops to learn how to make a pilwa (Mapuche bag), gathering Araucaria seeds, mountain bikes, canopy tours, Palin (traditional Mapuche game), story-telling around the fire in the Ruka (called epew). During winter, all activities related to snow and hot springs are included. If you need so, you can go together with a local touristic guide, who can include a cultural narration during each activity, in relation to the history, customs, and myths and legends of each territory.


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