This Mapuche Tourism Network is mainly focused on resting, through full equipped premises, adaptable to the requirements of each group or individual tourist. These are mainly located in the rural area, directly connected to nature and Mapuche history. Some premises have an ancestral building called ruka (Mapuche house), where you can be in a traditional Mapuche home together with essential elements inside, such as a fireplace, where you can talk about what you did during the day or plan for the next one. There are also cabins but in the shape of a ruka, with carved decorations and fitted with wool textiles, with designs based on the Mapuche symbols, the meaning of which is associated to the specific territory in which the accommodation is located. This is added to installations of tubs as a relaxing spa-type service. In some territories, you will find shops where you can get memorabilia and souvenirs.



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