«We have a kimün (knowledge) that respects the ñuke mapu (mother earth)». Fresia
Souvenir materialized in a merken own of the emprendimiento.
Ruka We Kimun is a company, with more than 10 years in the field of tourism and production of souvenir, founded and directed by Fresia Lienqueo Álvarez, a Mapuche woman belonging to the wenteche territory of the Araucanía region. They started working from scratch, the land with her husband, with whom she began the elaboration of merquén, perfecting its elaboration and sale. Finally, this last product led to the development of Mapuche tourism thanks to the construction of a ruka.
It currently operates in conjunction with the tourism network Newen Keche and the Mapuche Chamber of Commerce A.G.
To get there, follow the s-30 route from Temuco to tillage, then along the s-40 route through the city of nueva Imperial, take the ruto s-16 north to Chol Chol until you reach the direction Peral km. 11 with a total travel time of 1 hour 15 minutes.



     +56 9 4140 7639