Mapuche Cuisine

Mapuche Cuisine. You can access a world of ancestral flavours in culinary areas, such as in restaurants, ruka or picnics. These premises use ancestral recipes, which are typical of each territory, but also preparations mixed with European and American cuisine using techniques and formats required by expert chefs. Many of the ingredients contain regenerative and medicinal properties, secrets that have been passed from generation to generation to keep a healthy life, and continue living for a long time. The ingredients are stocked from local producers and gatherers, neighbours to the Mapuche cuisine business, which contribute to the economic development of the communities. The Mapuche did not need external food to live. Nature provided the daily support to exist, food that is rich in nutritional value such as the Araucaria seed in the mountains or a variety of fish and seaweed in the coast. We also find medicine in nature and in the Machi or Lawentuchefe. Many people define Mapuche cuisine as a healing gastronomy. The intake of herb infusions is always present as well as a repose after each meal, in order to calmly digest food. This is part of what Küme mogen (good life) seeks.



Guillermina Bravo


Norma Huentén

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