The Mapuche Tourist Network offers gourmet products, textiles, silver jewellery and cosmetic products with ancestral recipes, available for the tourist as a souvenir or as a present to be taken to their home. In some places of the territory you will find shops where to buy them. Sometimes you can buy in the same Mapuche touristic premises. In fact, in Temuco, the shop called Folil Araucania offers exclusively Mapuche souvenirs. Some of the most important souvenirs of the Mapuche Tourist Network is merken (spicy Mapuche condiment), chilli pastes, fruit preserves made of ancestral food, natural herb flavoured water, clothes, textile decorations, silver jewellery, as well as creams and relaxing solutions for the skin. Finally, if you want to take a little bit of everything, there is a box of representative Mapuche products, called Yewün (meaning present), which is made of gourmet food, handicrafts and writing material with the history, Mapuche touristic circuits and main aspects of the Mapuche culture.



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