«Mi name es Adela Loncon. I invit you to my home for you see how we work and how it lives in community, for you can see the reality of de Mapuche people. In my work I rescue craft and «mapuche ñimin» and I am at border of the road, km 5 ½ from Cajón area to Vilcún city».
Souvenir  :
Loom decorative craft.
Clothes made with mapuche loom and applications with innovative desing




Kadaufe Is a little company dedicated to the Mapuche textile. Is directed by its owner, Adela Loncon Llanquinao, Mapuche wenteche entrepeneur dedicated to manufacture and production of craft en mapuche witral, decoration souvenirs and clothes in general, incorporing innovation and new dyeing in theirs products. Like craftswoman, she has more than 18 years and she has started like formal business from 2016. Currently, the entrepeneur is making new works en clothes and her your sales room teaches courses of a temporarily way.
Sales room is located in Vilcun City, km 5 1/2 from Cajon, IX Region of Araucania.
Route 5 – Entrance to Temuco – S 31 Cajon to Vilcun.