Natural creams for skin care.
Natural scrubs for the skin.
Natural relaxants for the body.

Eko Lif, is a family business dedicated to the production and commercialization of artisanal cosmetics based on natural products with beneficial properties for the body and skin. It is a socially responsible company, uses natural resources in its proper measure and generates a link with the local environment, who provide raw material for the production of their products.
Belén Huentecura Robles, representative of the company «Eko Lif», by profession a civil engineer in chemistry, is a Mapuche Pehuenche woman who is dedicated to the production of artisanal cosmetics, based on natural products, mainly maqui.
Calle Brasil # 320, city of Pucón, IX region of the Araucanía.
How to get:
Access from Santiago through Route 5 south to Temuco and then follow the Temuco-Freire-Villarrica-Pucón route.