«My name is Elena Catrileo Domihual I am a Mapuche Pehuenche and I want to tell my story: In the past I started working on washing for other people, then I started selling food products, until I realized that I had a great geographical beauty that could serve for tourism, and that’s how we made our first cabin until we reached what we have today. I invite you to visit Adlafquen cabins, here you can find a beautiful landscape, both in winter and summer, we are very concerned with our customers and we will make your stay an unforgettable experience. «
Lodging: Accommodation in cabins with direct view of Lake Icalma. Additional service, family tinajas.
Recreational activities: Guided horseback riding and bicycle rental.







Elena Catrileo Domihual, promoter of the Adlafken enterprise, together with her family is dedicated to the provision of tourist services «Hospedaje y actividades recreativas», they have 4 cabins with a capacity of 6 people each, 2 jars for family use, rent of bicycles and guided on horseback rides.
The company is a company of a Mapuche Pehuenche family, with an excellent geographical location (in front of Lake Icalma) that work in an organized way to offer their visitors the best possible service.
Icalma Pehuenche community km 1 s / n, commune of Lonquimay, IX region of Araucanía.
How to get:
Access by Route 5, from Victoria, Curacautin, Malalcahuello and Lonquimay, then follow the gravel road La Fusta (40 km approx.).