«My name is Elizabeth Painemal, I belong to the Cooiliva Folil Araucanía. The history of my work is the basis of the need to develop as a Mapuche woman, first of all I was a mother, wife, dependent worker, where I saw my skills and then I dared, I trained in Mapuche silverware and I became independent as a rütrafe entrepreneur. Then I was taking leadership roles in different organizations of artisans until I reached Cooperativa Folil, a space that I currently lead as president. «
Mapuche textile crafts.
Decoration crafts with Mapuche identity.
Gourmet products with regional identity.
Traditional Mapuche silverware.

Cooperativa Folil is composed of 17 Mapuche women craftsmen, who organized and managed to install a store in the Mall Portal Temuco in 2010. This is a space where you will marvel at the beautiful creations of Mapuche artisans from the Araucanía, allowing you to connect it with history, knowledge, recipes and traditions of the Mapuche people.
Elizabeth Painemal Rain, enterprising woman in traditional Mapuche silverware and representative of the cooperative, who has managed to position in an important place the crafts, silverware and gourmet products of Mapuche entrepreneurs from the Araucanía region.
Currently they market an important variety of Souvenir for domestic and foreign tourists, and corporate gifts for companies and institutions of the region.
Avenida Alemania # 0671, city of Temuco, IX region of Araucanía.