«My name is María Millan, I am a Mapuche and I am proud of my culture. Thanks to my grandfather I learned the work in wool, since it was the duty of a woman to learn to work the loom and its techniques. From the age of 13 I went to work in Santiago because my parents did not have to support us. And after years I returned to my community to develop independently. First we built the ruka and then we started to work in tourism and crafts «.
Mapuche gastronomy
Based on products from the wenteche area.

Recreational activities
Relationships in ruka Mapuche wenteche.

Decorative craftsmanship in traditional Mapuche loom with innovations in finishes.
Wardrobe based on a mapuche loom with innovative finishes.

Follen Ruka is a family business, dedicated to the production of souvenirs, based on the traditional Mapuche loom, food services and recreational activities. It is a company that was born in 2007, is characterized by being responsible and committed to its Mapuche culture, preserving the practices, stories and customs of their ancestors.
Maria Millan Pilquinao, representative of the company, is a Mapuche woman dedicated to the production and confection of textile crafts with traditional Mapuche loom, loom and stick, and in conjunction with her husband, they perform rapport and food services in their ruka.
Community José Alonqueo, sector Llamuco Alto, commune of Vilcun, IX region of the Araucanía.
How to get:
Access from Santiago through Route 5 south to Temuco and then follow route S-30 Temuco-Vilcun.