«Mapuche ancestral knowledge has much to contribute to innovation in the gastronomy industry». Norma Huentén.
Recreational activities such as canopy, trekking, horseback riding and tour of the Batea Mahuida sector. Lodging in cabins overlooking Lake Icalma.
Norma Huenten Catrileo is a Mapuche Lafkenche entrepreneur from the coastal territory of the Araucanía region, who is founder and director of «Mapuche Millaray Gastronomy» with 15 years of experience in the field.
Currently it operates in conjunction with the touristic circuits «Sounds of the Sea» and «Discover the coast Nehuentue-Saavedra»
To get there you must follow the s-30 route from Temuco to Labranza and then by the s-40 route, passing through Imperial and Carahue until you reach the sector of Saavedra with a total travel time of 2 and a half hours.
NORMA HUENTÉN, has the philosophy of life and work to dignify and strengthen the role of Mapuche women through the preparation of handicrafts and the preparation of delicious dishes with the most varied recipes of truly homemade and healthy food.
Norma clearly shows that the Mapuche woman is a woman of effort and that she can succeed in an ingenious and disciplined way. It seeks to be an example for women of all backgrounds who seek a better life for their families.

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