ROSA GODOY Pehuenche

«My name is Rosa Godoy, I am a Mapuche Pehuenche, from the Pucon commune. My story was born when I had my son, I could not return to my work immediately, and I found a way to earn money, without neglecting my son, thanks to my sister-in-law who always supported me and encouraged me to develop independently. Look for a Mapuche woman who showed me the Mapuche loom with design and some designs. Then I continued to perfect myself and I was creating new products, until today, which I’m still perfecting to offer new products. «
Crafts in Mapuche loom with ñimin.
Murals with Mapuche symbology.




Amutuy Domo is a family microenterprise, directed by Rosa Godoy Urrutia, entrepreneur woman, belonging to the Pehuenche territory of the IX Araucanía region. His work began in 2013 and is aimed at the production and sale of souvenirs with Mapuche identity, which is done through the loom with ñimin Mapuche, characterizing the rest of the artisans in the different type of combination he makes with the colors , generating originality and authenticity when delivering a finished product.
International road # 1820, city of Pucón, IX region of Araucanía.
How to get:
Access from Santiago on Route 5 south to Temuco and then follow Temuco-Freire-Villarrica-Pucón.