«That a value is given to my Mapuche people, it is a huge satisfaction as an entrepreneur». Carlos Catrileo Domihual.
Recreational activities such as canopy, trekking, horseback riding and tour of the Batea Mahuida sector.
Lodging in cabins overlooking Lake Icalma.

Tourism Icalma Amuley is a tourism company founded and directed by Carlos Catrileo Domihual, Mapuche Pehuenche belonging to the Andean region of the Araucanía region. With the objective of conserving and developing sustainable economic activities in its territory, it is decided to undertake, motivating community development and good living in the locality of Icalma.
Currently operates in conjunction with the organizations «Camara de Comercio A.G.» and «Trokin Pehuen»
To get there, follow route S-51 from Padre Las Casas (Comuna near Temuco) to Cunco and then on route S-61, passing through Melipeuco until you reach the Icalma sector with a total travel time of approx. 3 hours

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           katrileoc@gmail.com/ contacto@turismoamuley.cl