«Rescuing the ancestral diet based on the pinion is rescuing part of our national identity.» Yoselin Pilquinao
Mapuche Pehuenche cuisine based on local products and natural recipes.





Restaurant Peuma is a Gastronomic company founded and managed by Yoselin Pilquinao Catrileo, Mapuche Pehuenche belonging to the Andean region of the Araucanía region. Start your first steps at the end of your practice at the Technical Institute where you decide to apply everything you learned, with your partner, in your homeland where the business is currently located.
Currently operates in conjunction with the organizations Trokin Pehuen, the Traditional Cultural Association and SERNATUR
To get there, follow route S-51 from Padre Las Casas (Comuna near Temuco) to Cunco and then on route S-61, passing through Melipeuco until you reach the Icalma sector with a total travel time of approx. 3 hours




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