«Nothing the tourist does is premeditated, but all the experiences are generated in the place.» Nathaly Traipi Huilipan, commercial representative.
Lodging both in cabin and in Ruka.
Mapuche Cuisine based on native products and homemade food for companies.
Recreational Activities such as hiking, Palín, and Tinajas.


«Hospedaje y Cabañas Inaleufu»  is a company, with more than 15 years in the field of Tourism, founded and directed by Teresa Huilipan Neculqueo, a Mapuche woman belonging to the wenteche territory of the Araucanía region.






It currently operates in conjunction with the tourism network Newen Keche and the Mapuche Chamber of Commerce A.G.
To get there you have to follow the s-30 route from Temuco to tillage, then along the s-40 route through the city of nueva Imperial, take the ruto s-16 north to Chol Chol until you reach the direction of Comunidad Domingo Huenuman with a total travel time of 1 hour 5 minutes.



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